The following is the list of requirements for Fire Alarm Systems installed within the Town of Johnston. Both municipally connected and local fire alarm requirements are listed within this document.

Plan review cannot be completed until all required components are submitted. All plans must be submitted with a completed Plan Review Application (below). Plans are to be submitted to the Fire Prevention Clerks office located at 1520 Atwood Ave. Johnston, RI 02919.


The following (but not limited to) must be submitted with plans:

  • Plans – Four (4) sets of architectural drawings, One (1) electronic copy (pdf)
  • Plans must have Fire Alarm legend (consistent with NFPA 170)
  • Plans must be drawn to scale
  • One (1) set of equipment cut sheets
  • Candela ratings must be shown on floor plans.
  • Wiring diagram must be included
  • If a Municipal Radio Box is required, the installer is responsible for having the radio box installation certified by the manufacturer, prior to the final inspection.

All Fire Alarm Systems (including fire alarm systems that are not required by code) shall be installed per Rhode Island State Fire Code and National Electric code.

KNOX BOXES: Key safe boxes are required on all buildings. Boxes can be ordered online at All key safe boxes shall be mounted at a height of sixty (60) inches above finished grade and nearest to Fire Alarm Control Panel as possible (contact the Fire Alarm Superintendent or Fire Marshal for the exact location). Key boxes shall be sized to fit the number of keys expected.

Any questions, contact the Fire Prevention Office.

Fire Prevention Office
(401)351-1600 ext. 1316

[email protected]

Emergency Calls: Dial 911

Tel: 401-351-1600 | Fax: 401-454-3473